I have the worst luck with batteries.  I have lost track of how many battery issues I have dealt with over the last 5 years.  Yesterday I took the battery out of my motorcycle because I am getting a voltage error.  I am thinking the battery might be going bad but it's only 2.5 years old.  So before I replace it, I am going to put it on a big charger and charge it up and then see if it holds a charge.  

If I keep getting that message, I will have to replace the battery.  I am hoping to wait until the Spring.  I would like to get a few more rides in this season so fingers crossed. 

Previously I have gone through a plethora of dead batteries but the most exciting adventure was when my ground wire in my big truck burned a hole through the battery and fried it. We replaced the battery and the truck kept dying so finally we realized that the battery cables were charred.  Super fun.  

I am always nervous hopping into any of my vehicles. One time I had a dead battery in my blazer during the winter, so I hopped into my big truck to drive that to work until I could get the blazer up and running.  The next day, the big truck battery was dead.  So I had two dead batteries!  

Praying to the voltage Gods that I can get this one figured out.  


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