Batty Caddy

I threw my battery on a charger for the last several weeks b/c I don't drive my truck as much in the Winter.  I am constantly beefing with these batteries so I decided to just pull it out so I didn't have to deal with another incident of my truck not starting.  That is always a day ruiner! 

Big Spence and I needed to pick up a grill so it was the perfect excuse to throw the battery back in & take the big dog out. It was helpful to have my Official Batty Caddy to lug that heavy thing out to the parking lot.

I hopped in the driver seat & sent pozi vibes into the universe as I turned the ignition. That thing fired right up! 

This is my sign that Spring is upon us and I can't wait to roll into Truck & Motorcycle season :)


 Cool Truck Girl LLC


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