Coyotes & Hornets

Last night was wild.... literally.  I headed outside to go on a night drive and was greeted by a friend. 


This coyote was staring me down for about 3 minutes.  I was a bit freaked out because he was so calm and wouldn't leave.  I was afraid to start walking and have him follow me or something because he clearly was not scared.  Finally he wandered off and I walked to my truck while keeping my eyes pealed for a possible return.  I have never had an encounter like this before.  

I took a nice lap around the town and when I got back, I hopped out and noticed a clump of hornets hanging out on my hood. I realized that I had just given them a ride as they declared that was their new home. 

Oh hell no!  First of all, I fucking hate bees.... I am also allergic.  It was 10PM and I knew if I didn't deal with this now, it was going to get worse.  I pulled my blazer out for an impromptu grocery store trip so I can get some raid and zap these sons of bitches.  

Luckily that can had a far spraying distance because there was no way I was getting any closer to those things. After I sprayed that shit, a few more hornets crawled out from under the hood.  I was really hoping there wasn't a whole nest under there.  Thank goodness, it looks clear.  

Yuck! I will continue to keep an eye on it and make sure that I didn't miss any or that they don't try to come back.  For now, there was mass casualty.  Hopefully I got them all! 


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