Gas Tank Wrestlin'

Working on trucks with my uncle is entertaining. I outta bring some popcorn over next time I go over there... which will most likely be tomorrow.  He sent me these photos while I was at work. 


The man loves his new chairs and a fresh, new gas tank! I went over to join in on the "fun" in the afternoon.  

No wonder my blazer was leaking! Gross! 


The guy did not have the most graceful attempt at peeling & eventually scraping the gas tank strap pads off of the old one.  My Dad called him at the worst possible time of this endeavor.  I got a good chuckle when my Uncle goes "if I don't sound enthused at this conversation, it's because I am gas tank wrestlin" to my father.  Here is the aftermath of this sketchy technique. 

Yay for duct tape!  I am concerned.... 

Hopefully we can get this tank mounted back into the car tomorrow. 


Cool Truck Girl LLC


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