Holiday Season Vibes

We have been super busy and it is really exciting!  Thank you to all that have ordered and have supported our business!  We are having a blast spreading awareness of our brand & lifestyle.  The holidays are a busy time but I personally have been in the holiday spirit wearing my merch to various events.  

I enjoyed a little Trucksgiving fun when I got to take the big truck out on a warm day & head up to my parent's house.  It was nice to have some time off and enjoy a delicious dinner followed by our yearly Post-Thanksgiving bar outing.  

As we shift into the Christmas season, I am excited to see everyone rocking their holiday merch!  So freakin' cool!  We appreciate people who have gotten the word out that we are here.  It means a lot and it is really cool to have new members on board.  

We hope everyone has a fantastic holiday! 

Merry Truckmas!

Cool Truck Girl LLC








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