Motorcycle Maintenance Day


Yesterday my brother and I did an oil change on my bike and what was supposed to be a simple task turned out to be a pain in the ass.

Due to several garage projects going on at my Dad's house, there are tools scattered everywhere so we had "fun" finding shit that we needed to get this done.  I also installed a new gear shifter and gave my motorcycle a much needed bath. 

After all the fun, we went for a ride and stopped at one of our favorite hot spots for some food. The weather was absolutely gorgeous yesterday and I very much enjoyed the view of boats & jet ski's zippin' by while we rewarded ourselves with chicken sammies & coca cola.  

Later in the evening my Dad wanted to go out and work on his stuff in the garage so he says "if any cool guys wanna come outside & work on cool car shit you are welcome."  Even though we spent the entire day doing that, I went outside with my old man.  Further proof to me that this is why I am like this and wanted to start this business.  It is an ode to my family.  I didn't choose this life but it did choose me and I am lucky that I get to do cool shit like this. I have been realizing that I need more of it and I am hoping this pushes me to pause my hectic life and enjoy the adventures I love most with some pretty dope people.  

After this bonding time, I hopped on my newly clean ride for a sunset cruise home.  Pretty solid day!  Here are some snapshots:


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